6 minutes to export your catalog to eBay and Amazon

We’ll show you in 6 minutes of video how to connect your shop to Feed.biz, to synchronize your existing offers with Amazon and eBay;


2 minutes to connect your shop to Feed.biz

2 minutes to synchronize with Amazon

2 minutes to synchronize with eBay

Post realized without special effects, but however, to be objective, it often happens that reality is more painful and it’s the misfortune in managing feeds! However, support is free.

The integration is easy but depends on the richness and diversity of the catalog, the number of products, typology etc. and makes that each integration is unique, the integration period is thus variable, some efforts or some support may be necessary.

The important thing is that you keep control of your feeds; you need to put a product offline, change its price, you can do everything yourself and choose to start sending or stop sending your feeds whenever you want.